An ideal health supplement made by blending Narine Probiotic with processed Komenuka (Rice Bran) from domestic natural Komenuka, which is said to be a treasure trove of nutrients, by applying the “Ambient Temperature Enzyme (A・T・E) technology” with patent.

The Ambient Temperature Enzyme (A・T・E) technology, developed Dr. Satoru Takahashi, who serves as CTO at Takahashi Enzyme Research Laboratory Co. Ltd., nicknamed as the “Hermit of Enzyme”, is a cutting-edge technology with patent.

Supplement Facts per 100 gram

Energy 385kcal
Protein 7.5g
Lipid 4.0g
Carbohydrate 79.8g
Sodium 36mg
Salt equivalent 0.09g
Moisture 4.2g
Ash 4.5g

Estimated values

Recommended Dosage Adults: 1 capsule daily
Content 75 g (2.5 g x 30 pieces)


Take recommended dosage with water or lukewarm water, yogurt or fruit juice.